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About Mark Cassidy

Growing up, I discovered a box full of 16mm home movies, spliced them together, and figured out how to run it through the projector. I loved how these old movies came alive after years of storage. I loved dreaming up stories and then recording them on tape or film.


As a producer at Leo Burnett, I worked with some of the most creative people in marketing for some of the world’s biggest brands. Solving complex problems and making ideas better were my goals for every project.


Moving to NBC Chicago Creative Services was a trial by fire. Like doing improv, live, on multiple stages, every day! I found I could tell stories, sell ideas, create complex projects, and use various narratives no matter the platform. Hands-on and fast-paced, it was all about brand building. I also learned priceless skills on managing a team, pushing creative farther, and keeping everything on budget! 


My work at NBC Chicago inspired me to pursue leading a quick-thinking, creatively strong internal production team. Click on the Internal Production Case Study to review the deck. 


I love uncovering solutions for brands. Finding a unique way to tell a story and reach an audience is a great journey. As a writer, editor, director, and producer, I can help bring your vision to life. I would love to see what we can do together.


Great ideas start here!

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